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‘Amazed at the Spin & Oversight of Facts’ — 5 Comments

  1. Great article and very true! Good luck Yesterday’s you DESERVE to be able to create yet another fantastic place. Can’t wait to sit and enjoy a burger there.

  2. Hi Sean, what a well written article and I couldn’t agree with you more. . . .I too am shocked at how the patrons of this establishment are being categorized and that disturbs me. I may have a loud mouth but rowdy drunks? Really? Seems more like desperate pleas from people who have their own agenda planned for the lot. In the thirty years of patronage, my wife and I have never had a bad experience at Yesterdays. We enjoy coming back time after time – such a wonderful friendly, welcoming, family atmosphere that is a cornerstone to any good pub – Irish, English whatever. The owners John and Peg are hands on and are ever present to be sure their guests are having a good time – I don’t believe John would allow or put up with anyone being out of pocket. Their food is wonderful as well as their service. Anyway, Yesterdays, is one of my favorite places to unwind after a week of commuting and working in Manhattan. . .great way to end a day – yesterday, tomorrow and always!

  3. Many comments have made it clear that the owners of Yesterdays are wonderful people who run a welcoming and respectable business on Main Street. What no one writing these comments seems to understand is that neither the character of its owners, nor the type of business they presently run, has ever been questioned; not even by those opposing the new site. What we question is the appropriateness of a building three times the size of the residential homes that would surround it. What we fear is the devaluation of our most important financial assets and our loss of the right to peaceful enjoyment of our homes. We are no longer talking about the Yesterdays you all love, we are talking about a whole new entity; much much larger, with far later closing hours and outside seating for more than fifty people… within feet of our small backyards! No one disputes that Mr. Christison plans a beautiful new establishment, one that would likely attract many new patrons; but can any of you honestly say you would want it as your next door neighbor? Come on people, while your loyalty to John and Peggy are applaudable; try to be a bit more understanding of those who are in danger of losing so much if the site plan presently before the planning board is approved.

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