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Community Matters — 3 Comments

  1. I agree that there is a pervasive sense of division in our country and now locally. This is only enhanced by painting any color line in the first place. By making the statement that line represents only feed our divide. Why paint it in the first place? We are well aware of the problems facing our friends and neighbors but this act has only helped split us when we need each other more than ever. Without the line we would never have needed Mr Mullins letter.

  2. We didn’t need the line, but it appeared there. People reacted and over-reacted. We need a circle, not a line. One that holds us all in a safe and caring space. Warwick is an outstanding community; we can get past this and learn from it.

  3. I completely agree and as far as a line goes, why don’t all the roads with speed limits over 45 have rumble strips in the center? That’s a line that would save lives and keep our police from responding to horrific head on accidents.

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