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Entering the Country Legally is Not Hard to Understand — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks Joan…The average citizen asks the same questions you did. Entertainers can be boycotted, loose box office sales and ratings, but what to do with the stupid elected politicians in Washington and now running NYS. Their behavior is damaging and inviting a larger acceptence of public violence as a way to disagree.

  2. There is a difference between immigrants and refugees who are fleeing war in their homelands; obviously help should be afforded to our existing citizenry and efforts are desperately needed to address the sad state of affairs that is our VA and the treatment of veterans. However, to turn away men, women, and children escaping horrific death is beneath this country–or it should be. Immigrants of any kind, who would like to become citizens for any reason, should be welcomed in the spirit that this country was founded upon, but refugees in particular should be afforded immediate safety from horrors that you are so blessed in this country to be, thus far, spared from.

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