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Give Yesterdays a Rest — 5 Comments

  1. Another very entertaining letter from the prolific Mr. Stanaitis. But I have a question for Mr. Stanaitis, and for Republicans/Conservatives in general. Why so angry? Why so bitter? You’ve gotten everything you could have wanted. You’ve got the Presidency; the House; the Senate; most of the state’s governors; and the Supreme Court. And they are going to do exactly what you’ve wanted all along: Tax cuts for the very wealthy; take away health care from millions; roll back environmental protections; ruin the public education system; guns for everybody, including criminals and mentally disturbed; undo anything that Obama accomplished; very likely start a war; and eventually eliminate Medicare and Social Security. It’s a Republican/Conservative wish list!

    But any time I talk to a Republican/Conservative, or read a column or letter they’ve written, all I hear is bitterness and anger. How come? Give it a break. You’re the big winners!

  2. Yeah, we burned down Berkeley because some right-wing speaker wanted to express their opinions. We had a lady professor from Columbia toss F-bombs all over the place because OUR POTUS wanted to do exactly what Obama did previously., Oh, Yeah, Sen.Gillebrand is good at tossing F-bombs too. Then Schumer. The male comedian, not his lady cousin said 22 Million Americans would die under the GOP health plan neglecting to repeat what the CBO said that under Obamacare, 23 million Americans would die. Then of the course the totally impartial southern district of California judges banned President Trumps exec order which was almost word for the same exec order as Obamas order which they ignored a few years earlier. Yeah, and then the old lady who lost it all is heading up the resistance movement against everything that President Trump proposes…Did you see Franken, the failed talk show host and failed comic plus what’s her face Harris from California badger Mr. Session? Nah, we’re not angry. Watching the DNC clowns is an enjoyable thing. Love those show biz people, mostly high school drop outs, serial divorcers giving us advice on who to vote for.

  3. oops, forgot about the fake news, three cnn reporters resigned (FIRED), Brian Willians, Dan Rather making a comeback, doggone it, it aint fun anymore..no Russians colluding with the Trump campaign. Picking on the presidents wife..Jeez..get over the loss..in four more years, you’ll probablyh lose again..develop that callous. learn to laugh..

  4. You’re validating my point. Your commentaries are nothing but anger and bitterness. Your side won! You’re getting everything your way! Would it hurt so much to show some graciousness in victory?
    BTW, from the CBO report of March 20, 2010; up to 32 million people will gain (not lose) insurance coverage by 2020, under the Affordable Care Act.

  5. graciousness always is extended to a gracious loser. sore losersand self named obstructionists must be shown how and why they lost. quoting fake news/views from leftwing papers is not a nice thing to do. your patron Sainte..Hillary the non poked is a perfect example . also, we did not win it all, the GOP is out to let old people die as did Obama care by raisimg their premiums and/or deductions to the sky. .

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