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God Bless This New America — 2 Comments

  1. You are certainly entitled to your opinions, and the men and women buried in those veterans’ cemeteries you mentioned fought for your right to express them.
    Luckily for you, however, an opinion, by its very definition, does not need to be based on fact, nor does it necessarily need to be logical or correlate with one’s other opinions.
    Let’s start with actual facts. Fact #1, many sea creatures have been strangled by plastic items which, improperly disposed of, do end up in our earth’s waterways. Fact #2, the activist group around Elm Street is not trying to “label” that property as another Love Canal, they are trying to protect all Warwickians from a very real health threat should the lead contamination that exists on that property be released into the environment during construction. Fact #3 – this same group is not trying to impose “their version” of rules and regulations; they do, however, expect that the laws explicitly stated in our Village Code be upheld by our village leadership.
    I agree that your Mr. C can probably survive these problems; but he should only be allowed to build this new venture on its proposed site if the contamination is cleaned up before construction begins, and if his business can abide by all ordinances clearly stated in our village laws.
    Now on to how your opinions seem to be somewhat contradictory.
    You disparage the majority because they don’t use their right to vote to ensure their voices and choices are recognized; yet you seem to also have a problem with those you describe as “little activist groups” who stand up for what they believe to be right and demand to be heard. So which is worse in your “opinion”? The majority who are comfortable in their apathy, or those who see a wrong and seek to correct it?
    I must also question your statement that our forebears came to this country to escape laws passed by small groups. Do you consider the British government, which allowed the Irish to starve, while taking all the usable farm products produced in Ireland for their own use, a “small group of loud mouthed bullies”? How about the Nazi and Communist regimes?
    We all have the right to criticize and try to change that we see as wrong. One way is simply write letters to the Editor; but perhaps another and better way would be to stand up and be counted publicly at village meetings.

  2. and did you live in the vicinity of the love canal ? I can live under minority opinions as long as they are agreed upon by the actual majority of people , if those minority opinions ratified by an “educated majority” become unbearable by that same majority, then it is time for another rebellion.. species die because it is their time. progress kills those who cannot adapt. rather simple . Think Darwin. how many animals, birds have disappeared in the past 70 odd years, other than large sea animals, how much coral reefs have gone. this is human progress, todays warwick at least the people are of a different mindset than 100 years ago. if the village /town decides in your favor, so be it. if not, accept it..I wore knickers as a child…times, values, change. adapt or die. fight back .if you disagee. he is not my Mr. C. I’ve been in his store once or twice in 30 years. he has agreed to fix every persons objection to his store. you want absolute surrender? sorry ..I disagree!

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