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Legoland — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you to Ms. McDonough for writing this and the Warwick Valley dispatch for posting it. Sadly there are many in this town that do not see nor question what many of us opposed to this have been seeing for months. Something sure stinks in Goshen and it saddens me to know that the place I chose to raise my family is making deals under the table. You see it in Warwick and others in other towns see it but the short term thinkers here in GOSHEN are not seeing the long term problems. Oh and how do you all in Warwick feel about paying for this new “bridge” off of 17 to take visitors to the park? It’s us, the taxpayers that are footing the bill for it. State and county funding.

  2. Concerning Legoland in Goshen. It seems the more you inquire, the more fishy it gets. The CC4HV (Concerned Citizens for the Hudson Valley) has a lot of insightful info on this. https://www.facebook.com/cc4hv/ Very similar to the Christmas movie ‘What A Wonderful Life’ when George Bailey was offered a job by Mr. Potter for big money and almost shook his hand. In this case the handshake happened at the expense of the soul of Goshen. Shame really. Any time I travel and mention that I live in Goshen, NY, I always get the same response “oh Goshen? what a beautiful historic town”. One would have to be a fool not to see how 15,000 to 20,000 tourists a day can change the entire dynamic of not only Goshen itself but the surrounding towns. About 8 months ago, I asked the head of the town board Doug Bloomfield if the Chester board knew anything about Legoland. His response was a shrug of the shoulders with a “I don’t know”. That many tourists daily and a 523 acre purchase on the Chester boarder and “I don’t know” as an answer. All the surrounding towns are being kept in the dark as much as possible. Change and town growth can be good when it’s done right and with balance. This change is way out of balance and once it starts and the zoning is changed, there is no turning back.

    • As far as I know Lego is working off NYS grants. All studies are being done with the $10 million in grants they got. Land has not been purchased. It is being held conditionally until alproval.is received.

    • Is that so and yet this is your so called “intelligent” post. Wow! How can anyone take you seriously with such an unintelligent response.

  3. Reply to Andreas Benach – So you say all Anti-Legoland ppl are idiots. You’ve got to be kidding me. So that’s how your diplomacy works? Poke’m in the eye and then have a (what you call) an intelligent debate? Maybe it’s just me but that’s whacked. But as you say… I must be the idiot because I don’t agree with a huge foreign corporation changing this whole part of the Hudson Valley. You know, things like Rt.17 and all the country roads that all the people using their GPS will be clogging up and littering on. Our limited water supply, No more stars on the eastern horizon due to that place being lit up lang after closing hours for cleanup crews and hotel parking lots etc. That’s right folks. That place is gonna be lit up like OZ 7 days a week, every day, for ever, depending on how long you live. Well, at least for as long as their 30 year tax break. Yes 30 years. That’s basically for the rest of the lives of many of us. But oh yeah, Andreas,I’m the idiot.

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