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Not in Our Neighborhood — 6 Comments

  1. I agree with Patrick Gallagher.

    I suggest that the village homeowners band together and outbid Yesterday’s for the commercial lot. Then they can make it a park or Community garden.

    If the community owns the commercial property next door to the car wash and gas station and strip mall opposite the feeding grain property, this would serve the Village homeowners and protect their rights to quiet peaceful enjoyment.

    If they purchase and own this commercial lot together, it would not be that expensive and it would assure their community of the quiet use which they have enjoyed over the years from the Chevy dealer who stored his cars. There’s a lot to be said and a lot of rights when your name appears on a deed.

    If the community does not purchase, own and operate the lot, then I would sell the house before the construction begins. If you decide to stay, I would recommend grabbing a seat and belly up for a nice cold beer, great food, wonderful hospitality from a family that cares about Warwick for decades. The owner of this establishment has given back more our community then any other shop owner in Warwick.

    I’m pretty sure he’s not gonna give up on the community now.

  2. Kudos to you Patrick, for exposing the hypocrisy of those professing to want what’s best for all of Warwick!
    This is not a “So what, it won’t affect me” situation; every resident of Warwick needs to understand that approval of the proposed site for the new Yesterdays will have far-reaching effects on the entire village. The value of the homes of every taxpaying resident, as well as their right to enjoyment of their own property, is being threatened!
    If you truly care about our village, please take the time to understand what is actually being proposed for 16 Elm Street and then decide for yourself whether the approval of this location is in the best interest of our village and its people. If you decide it is not, then please come and stand with your neighbors at Village Hall on June 5th.

  3. One simple question here – did the home owners who boarder this commercially zoned property really think it would never be developed? The property has essentially been undeveloped for decades and now that it is all about to change there is an uproar. I suppose there was a ridiculous expectation that the property would never be developed. How on earth can the relocation and expansion of a well established restaurant have far-reaching negative effects on the entire village? Using this logic did TNT Burger, Fetch, Smokey’s, Fratello’s, Eddie’s Roadhouse or any of the other restaurants ruin the village life and atmosphere? I think not! I stand behind John and Peggy and fully support the potential relocation of Yesterday’s.

    • So let’s me get this straight…

      You are against the idea of the village people buying the commercial lot next to the car wash/gas station, across from the strip mall and feed & grain to prevent it from commercial use and making it a park or community garden?

      Shame on you.

      Next you will be writing to protest people stopping the building of a hotel next to Stewart Airport.

      • Don’t be silly, that is not what I am saying at all. If buying the property for that purpose was such a great idea it should have been done right after Country Chevy closed, not just when development of the property becomes imminent. Airports and Hotels have nothing to do with this discussion.

  4. I’m being sarcastic.

    The lot is zoned commercial.
    It’s next-door to a car wash gas station. The only thing dividing the car wash gas station from the commercial lot is the river. Did the same people complaining about the commercial lot, also complain also about the car wash/gas station, strip mall and Burger King?

    If they are not happy with the use, buy it!

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