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Peace Will Return to the Valley — 3 Comments

  1. A well written and thought out letter. Having retired from Teaching in the Warwick Middle School and working as a Police Officer tor the Village and Town of Warwick for 28 years ( I retired from teaching in 95) It is good to see that common sense still prevails.

  2. I currently live across the street from the CPV power plant. I grew up in Rockland County in the 1960’s and 1970’s. I married into a family with deep Rockland County roots going back to the 1700’s in Rockland and 1600’s in New Amsterdam (NYC). My family worked on steamboats making their way up and down the Hudson in the 1800’s. If you stood on a mountain top in Rockland and only saw green you lived in the unique green bubble of time. Before the PIP, Perkins, and Harriman, the relocation to the south and offshoring of industry, Rockland was overrun with clear cutting, open pit mining, brick yards, military installations, industrial manufacturers, railroads, and more. You got lucky. You and I both lived in a green bubble of time in Rockland County. Today it is over run by the results of “progress”. I’ve lived in the Middletown area since 1982. My observations over this time period suggest that what you consider planning in Orange County is mostly the result of greed at many levels. Corruption charges against former CPV officials and those with close ties to NY State government seem to confirm this. Another generation of time will pass, these projects will be abandoned and torn down and then we might see a new bubble of green in Orange County. Today you can drive up to High Point Monument in NJ and look over Orange County. You can easily see CPV and its dual smoke stacks 20 miles away.

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