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The Devil is in the Details — 2 Comments

  1. I believe that the majority of all building projects, new or alterations have been controlled by the town and village boards over many years and many administrations with the good results as witness the longevity of those sites. I cannot understand why the standards used by these boards is not considered strict or thorough enough for all of the people seeking to stop the building of the new yesterdays. Mr.Christiansen and his attorneys and contractors, subcontractors have apparently done their due diligence on all pertaining matters and met no legal/environment resistance . instead of this continued battle to stop it, why not let it get built and let the people’s feet decide if it should remain. wouldn’t that be the American way and what used to be the Warwick Way?

  2. I am assuming by your vague comments and assumptions that you have not done your due diligence. The neighbors opposed to this development are bringing up legitimate concerns regarding this proposed development. The “American” way is to hold our representatives accountable for decisions made on our behalf. We will not just stand by and “let it be built” . This is an over 42 foot tall 5,000 square foot BAR being built within 100 feet of numerous longstanding village residents. Get real.

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