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To Some It’s Just a Line, But for Many It’s So Much More — 2 Comments

  1. I do support our police and will not dismiss how hard they work. I actually thank officers on the street for their service. 60% of the time, I will get a head nod of acknowledgement, smile or a wave and greeting. Thank being said, I will not dismiss the fact that there are some who use the badge for nefarious reasons and they aren’t disciplined because they hide behind other colleagues who say we should support all officers causing an air or distrust. Asking for accountability should not be viewed as “anti-police rhetoric”. If a discrepancy happens, the history of the alleged wronged person is pushed as justification for what happened in that situation and if nothing can be found in that person’s history, then it’s met with, “We don’t know all of the details. Let the investigations happen” At the end of this comments I will be posting a link to a video from Last Week Tonight, I understand that many feel comedians should not speak on social issues or just try to be funny but sometimes levity is the only way to bring forth grave matters that people actually want to discuss but are just told they are are not issues at all but people trying to cause division.

    If there is no weapon and a person’s hands are up, if a 6 yr old is sleeping on a couch, someone is asked to show ID, someone is holding a toy in a store or playground, and internal investigations find no fault and we are told to just support all police, there is the feeling of “If I follow directions and this officer sees me as a threat, their opinion will supersede my actions”. How can I tell a bad apple from the rest of the bunch if the bunch tries to hide the bad apple?

    If I say Black Lives Matter, I say it because I want to be treated equally in the eyes of the law. I should matter as a person I don’t want preconceived notions of who I am because of my skin. The movement is about just this. Angry violent people are often the fringe. I don’t feel all white people want me dead but allegedly all who say that people of color should matter want to “kill cops.” These idiots should not be seen as leaders of a movement that works to support people who feel ignored, not hate. I do not hate police officers and am very grateful for the help I have received from law enforcement. It’s dismissive to think that people who do not want a line are against police officers. We are taught from youth that lines are a means of division. Stay inside the lines when coloring. Stop at the line, Do not cross the line. I understand the intention of the line but right away I see that line as a way of choosing sides, either you support our police or you are the enemy. Many “supporters” will rally behind the idea that if you are against the line, you should not receive help if you need it, The anger and threatening tone instills fear. Isn’t that counterproductive if you’re trying to show support for our law enforcement and the work they do. The fact they do their job well despite the opposition they may encounter with bias. Isn’t that the point of support instead of wishing ill will on people who do not agree with you. Especially on something as insignificant as a line of paint. How about less lines and more open hearts. Support is funding and respect as well as open discussions about possible issues that may need to be addressed instead of sweeping them under the rug. There are better symbols, Blue Badge with a heart is one suggestion

    Please watch this link knowing I’m not trying to mock anyone but these are real concerns. Not necessarily in our town but as the reason as to why some people are hesitant to rally behind a line. Behind paint, not people. Thank you for your time

    • The line is to represent that community and ONLY that community. Do you feel people of color are being wrongly shot in the village of Warwick? The people of this community should not be held responsible for behavior that they do not impose therefore an injustice or racially heated movement has no place where is doesn’t originate. Overall point being..I never single out anyone nor do I excluded anyone from my life in a community unless they are a jerk…. which joynell you absolutely are not and I consider you a friend. But when people in a community who just want to live amongst others and have not behaved in a unacceptable way…but yet we are still being blamed for things…yes… it’s rubbing me the wrong way. BLM has no business being enforced here…some places maybe so..but it just not the vibe here ….. Just my opinion

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