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Village View Cluster Sub-division Will Impact Warwick — 4 Comments

  1. I hope we are not talking about another Hasidic development. They are frantically shopping all over Orange County.
    They do not follow gentile laws at all and refuse to pay taxes once in place. They follow only their Rabbi and crimes are hidden and not addressed . The rest of the community is left having to pay for them. Hence , your taxes go up. Most of them are not concerned about being environmentally friendly. And there is always trash everywhere., making it look like a dump. Sorry for the rant. But the 100 acres is what they are always looking for and that triggered my response.

    • I hope you get your “gentile” laws straight and check your facts. I am addressing you only because I hesitate to be on the same side as a bigot. Despite your rant, I want to thank you for asking concerned
      people to become involved in what is being proposed on this site. A large protest would be inappropriate at this location (for any group). It would be helpful if readers knew where to go to get information. It may be that this topic will be discussed on May 17th. Get busy and get there, but be concerned with the property and its effect on the area, and stick with facts. If we are to protect the property and the community, I believe we need to refrain from attacking any group but rather stay with the facts about what is best for the area..

  2. The word project is written about as protest. I mean a large project would be inappropriate, A large protest would be good.

  3. At the rate they reproduce, where will it all end.!? They are a like a country within a country. They do as they wish. They see us, their neighbors as dirt, unclean Gentiles. Yet they cost the surrounding communities to have higher taxes to pay for all the dead beats in their community. Where’s sustainable Warwick and the rest of the Land Trust community.?!! Nowhere to be found.!

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