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Yesterdays is a ‘Third Place’ for Much of the Community — 3 Comments

  1. I totally agree With Tyler Carey when he referred to Yesterday’s as a “Third place for much of the community”! When I was a member of the Village of Warwick P.D. working the 3-11 shift there were a few situations that were extremely stressful and at the end of my shift and I, on several occasions in my 28 years as a Police Officer, found Yesterdays to be a friendly, safe and secure place to “Unwind” before heading home. Some things you just can’t take home and John and the entire staff were extremely and supportive as well as the vast majority of the patrons. Not one antagonistic or rowdy person in the bunch. We moved from warwick when I retired from the P.D. in 96 but Yesterday’s is one place that we always visit for an excellent meal and good conversations when we do get back “Home”. Thank you John for providing such a friendly and supportive family restaurant for those who need a secure and safe place to “Unwind”.

  2. You certainly write a great letter Mr. Carey and your loyalty to Yesterdays is laudable; however, it misses the point those of us who are opposed to Mr. Christison’s plans are trying to make. At its present location and size Yesterdays may be all you say it is, and a larger one with outdoor dining and a catering facility might also be a great addition to Warwick; but not at the new site being proposed, which borders numerous backyards of private homes! Both sides of this issue are comprised of good people who love our village and want to see it grow and prosper; what separates us is not our opinions of Yesterdays nor its owners, it is whether the new establishment should be built so close to a long established residential neighborhood. For those of us directly affected this is a very personal issue for, not only could the value of our properties be compromised, the presence of a large facility for social gatherings open as late as 2 am within feet of our own backyards will intrude on our lives and our right of enjoyment and use of our own property. All I am asking Mr. Carey, is that you honestly consider our position. To give serious thought to what the impact on your life would be if such a large establishment were to be built within feet of your home.

    • Wonderful thoughts Peggy and very true. No one is against bars and restaurants. Location is the issue here.
      The interpretation of the Environmental Assessment that the planning board is working with is also something that everyone should study very closely.

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