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Del Vecchio Breaks Record for Most Signatures in Village Election — 43 Comments

  1. Ken is good for this village and county. He brings good positive energy and honesty to the table. He us also a traditional family man.
    The community will only benefit if he is elected.
    GodSpeed Ken!
    Chris Cass

  2. Ken is an extremely intelligent and fair person and with his extensive background in criminal justice would make an excellent village judge!

  3. It was through a mutual business associate that I met Kenneth DelVechio. I had known very early on in our many conversations that he has in his bloodstream the Determination and Drive for fair and just treatment that makes this position a natural fit for him to fulfill. Not to mention, his credentials his credentials are unmatched!

    • Ken’s many accomplishments in law, writing, and film show that he is unmatched in intelligence, talented, and drive, as well as his commitment to justice. When we were visiting voters to collect these signatures , we found that they were overwhelmingly impressed with Ken’s background, and they were excited about him serving as Village Justice. He is truly the best candidate for the Village of Warwick.

  4. I havent seen a man so determined for a position. even after getting the first hundred signitures he went on door to door and spoke to an additional 800 people. It admirable and impressive.

  5. Nice, leave it to Del Vecchio to get exponentially more than is needed – it’s what he always does. The good people of Warwick will be wise to elect him as judge, he literally wrote the book on laws in this region, and looks at the judicial system from the point of view of the citizen’s well being. Good luck Ken!

  6. It doesn’t surprise me that he broke the record. There is no one better qualified than Ken Del Vecchio with his amazing list of accomplishments and experiences. Go Ken D!!!

  7. I seriously wonder if there is anything Ken can’t do. As long as I have known him all he has done is create jobs, raise the economy and always been the epitome of honest.
    If I had to describe Ken in one word well fair would certainly be up there.

  8. It’s no surprise that Ken Del Vecchio continues to be successful. That fact that Ken collected well over 900 signatures shows me the Village of Warwick residents understand they will be electing a fair and honest judge. Good luck Ken. Warwick is a beautiful place for you and your beautiful family.

  9. The Village of Warwick is truly blessed to have Mr. Del Vecchio in their midst, I hope everyone seizes the opportunity before them to vote him in as Village Justice. He has decades of courtroom experience both as a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney, everyone appearing before him can expect fair, well-reasoned and just results. He is truly a man of dedication, honor and integrity, I hope everyone votes for him March 21st!

  10. A strong character and strong understanding of the law. Those are the characteristics of a good judge. And Ken Del Vecchio is a man with those characteristics.

  11. Ken Del Vecchio is one of the two most amazing men I know. He does more things in a day then most of us do in a month. Not only does he “do” them, he “accomplishes” & “completes” them. Multi-tasking, multi-talented, Renaissance Man is a good introductory description of Ken. As a Judge, he would bring honesty, clarity & judicial acumen to the bench.

  12. Ken Del Vecchio, a man who thinks for himself and does what he says. Ken challenges the status quo to create positive change. He respects the opinions of others but rarely loses a debate due to his intellect. Ken is fair minded and well balanced in his decision making processes. I have known Ken for about a decade and can say he is reliable, credible and responsible. As a judge these qualities will allow him to serve well.

  13. Not surprising. As a friend and professional associate of Mr. Del Vecchio, I’m not sure how many people realize what a powerful and courageous man of truth he is! Warwick will be very fortunate indeed with his victory…

  14. Kenneth DelVechio will not only serve the public with fairness and respect for the law and the rule of it, he will work tirelessly for the people with integrity and respect, and justice for all. I know Mr. DelVechio personally, and I am confident in his character.

  15. No surprise here. People know the amount of experience Ken has and all the good that he can do, his annual film festival is clear evidence of some of that. The voters will make their voices heard in electing him.

  16. If you don’t know Ken, it’s time! I had the pleasure of meeting him for the first time just a few days ago and can say without hesitation that he is everything this article says about him. If I were a resident of Warwick, my vote would already be won by this fine gentleman.

    -Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA, and bronze star nominated Iraq war vet

  17. Will be a great pickup for the town and it’s constituents. Del Vecchio is a kind-hearted intellectual camouflaged in a tough exterior.

  18. You’re an amazing man and leader. I believe you would be great for this position and a benefit to everyone in all you do!

  19. I’ve been a Police Officer in New Jersey for 18 years and an Investigator for the Bergen County Prosector’s Office for 11 years. As a young Police Officer I was lucky to work along side Mr. DelVecchio while he was a Municipal Court Prosecutor for several towns in NJ. The law books he has written have helped guide me through my law enforcement career. Ken is undoubtedly the best lawyer, prosecutor and judge I have ever worked with. His work ethic, leadership skills and intelligence cannot be matched. It would be in the best interest of Warwick, NY to select Kenneth DelVecchio as their Judge.

    Russell J. Read

  20. Ken Del Vecchio is my friend and an outstanding talent! His accomplishments as an attorney, author, prosecutor, judge, filmmaker and Founder and Chairman of the Hoboken International Film Festival are second to none. The citizens of Warwick would do themselves a great service by electing someone of Ken Del Vecchio’s caliber and record of success as their Village Justice.

    • I have been around Warwick for quite some time. I don’t think I recognize many of the above posts of praise as residents of Warwick. It is also suspicious that the verbiage is so similar. Could they have been written by the same person? Honesty should be the main quality of a judge.

      • “Helen”: These comments are as real as the 913 voters from the Village of Warwick who signed Kenneth Del Vecchio’s petitions. Nearly 1,000 people from the Village of Warwick signed Ken’s petition – and all of these people have commented on this site so favorably about Ken – because they recognize his exceptional abilities and experiences. They recognize the fairness in him and his compelling integrity (that’s so important to being a judge). Your statements are not only troubling (as a false and wrongful attack on Ken) and insulting to the Warwick Valley Dispatch (which obviously has a moderation system in place), but show desperation and weakness…These comments were not written by one “same person” (as you falsely stated) – they were written by numerous separate and distinct individuals, and you know that. Obviously, none of the comments sound similar; furthermore, many people wrote
        their last names. Everyone knows you can easily verify the authenticity of these people by simple FaceBook, other social media, and Internet searches. And, more so, the newspaper has a verification system. You should not have posted your silly and embarrassing comments. Shame on you for writing these false statements.

  21. As an actual resident of the Village of Warwick, I will be casting my vote for Jeanine Wadeson. She grew up in Warwick, graduated from Warwick Valley HS and is raising her family here. Her commitment to the community is proven not only by her previous terms as Village Justice but by her clear desire to contribute her fellow Warwickians thru her ongoing altruistic accomplishments.

    There are no records to be broken in this job. I choose to vote for Jeanine’s approach to this very important job. I vote to make sure the cases that come to Village Court are responded to by someone who will help those seeking justice; someone who will bring rational advice on how to move on from an error in judgment; and who will complete their term with integrity for the sake of the residents of our community. I’m voting for Jeanine Wadeson because I want a mature, educated and reasonable Village Justice for the Village of Warwick.

  22. The people have spoken. This is good news. We truly need more judges like Ken Del Vecchio. He will be fair, honest, impartial and equitable and will be a huge asset to any community in which he serves.

    He will also be true to the Constitution which is a refreshing and welcome change.

  23. As someone who has known Ken Del Vecchio for over 30 years, there are few others who know him as well as I do. Here’s what you get with Ken: 1) Honesty 2) Integrity 3) Fairness 4) A passion for the law and a sincere interest in seeing that justice is served. My recommendation to the people of Warwick is very simple: Make Ken Del Vecchio your Village Justice. You’ll be glad you did.

  24. Ken Delvecchio is intelligent, fair, has a keen sense of justice, and is simply the best person for this position. The community would be lucky to have him. He will dispense justice with fairness, compassion and a strength that only Mr. Delvecchio can bring.

  25. Well I guess if all the people who wrote these comments approve of films such as the ones listed below he is your candidate . I do not feel someone who writes these kind of films is the right candidate for Village Justice.

    ” The Life Zone”, starring Robert Loggia, Lindsay Haun, Angela Little, Martin Kove, Blanche Baker, and Nina Transfeld, tells the story of three women who have been kidnapped while they were getting abortions. They are forced by a mysterious jailer, played by Loggia, to bring their pregnancies to term. While they wait to do so they are given reading material and movies to watch about abortion and related issues, including material produced by Del Vecchio. Eventually, two of the women decide to give birth and the third tries to force a miscarriage. Then it is revealed that all three were in purgatory, and that the two who decided to give birth will go to Heaven while the third goes to Hell, to be subject to eternally repeated pregnancy and child birth.[2] The film also stars Amanda Antonucci, Blanche Baker and Rebecca Baron

    O.B.A.M. Nude” is criticism of Barack Obama. The movie is about a college student, played by Del Vecchio, who makes a deal with the Devil to become President of the United States in exchange for millions of souls. The student goes to Harvard Law School and then becomes a community organizer.”

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  26. Judge Del Vecchio was one of the best fairest Judges that has ever sat as a Judge in the Borough of North Arlington, New Jersey. My name is Jon Kearney and I was a councilman for a three (3) year term, and knew Judge Del Vecchio, before he became a Judge in North Arlington, New Jersey. I am also an attorney. I knew Judge Del Vecchio as a practicing attorney, and I had personally witnessed him apply his knowledge of the law successfully representing every client I had ever seen him represent. Judge Del Vecchio was also a Prosecutor in many municipalities and with his brilliant command of the law was the most fair Prosecutor I had come before. However, if the circumstances of justice required Judge Del Vecchio to bring a matter to trial, he would conduct himself accordingly, always exhibiting his command and knowledge of the law. I also learned that Judge Del Vecchio had authored many legal works including a guide to the New Jersey Criminal Code, and how the facts apply to the law and rise to a level of a crime. Judge Del Vecchio’s books have become the benchmark study guide for most police departments not only in the State of New Jersey, but other states, that he has published in. I have so much more to say. But, the point of the foregoing is that with all of Judge Del Vecchio’s professional trial/ legal experience, his obvious knowledge of the law in New Jersey, New York etc., I as a council person just absolutely had to assist in offering the position of Judge to Kenneth Del Vecchio. And when Judge Del Vecchio decided that it was time for him to step off “the bench”, North Arlington lost one of the best Judges it ever had. I follow Judge Del Vecchio and his quests, and have learned that he is once again contemplating a Judgeship. Knowing what I personally know about Judge Del Vecchio, the People of the great State of New York, could not have a more fair Judge that will uphold our justice system and administer justice with an utmost command of the knowledge of law. And although Judge Del Vecchio knows and will consider every interpretation of the law, when discretion is warranted, and Judge Del Vecchio decides that justice would best be served with a second chance and/or remediation, if it is legally and ethically warranted, he will render such a decision without hesitation. Judge Del Vecchio is the People’s strongest advocate in upholding the laws to protect them. Kenneth Del Vecchio will make the best Judge the People may ever have. Justice will always be safe under his watch and in his hands!

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