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Huge Turnout at Warwick P.B.A. 10-13 Fundraiser — 2 Comments

  1. I am so Impressed by this community and especially the committee for organizing one of the most successful fundraisers I have ever witnessed. Having lost my mom and my sister to cancer, I know the pain associated with the disease. There are so many factors to consider when cancer strikes. We all want to do something to make it go away and ease the pain. Sometimes just being with the person can be costly with loss of work and childcare along with traveling expenses. The medical bills can be crippling. The act of giving may be the only thing we can do. May God Bless this family and the Warwick Police Dept and all those who generously donated their time, talents, raffle items and money. It may not be the cure but it hopefully will ease the burden. You make me proud David Serviss and your fellow officers! And the Warwick Community for taking are of one of your own! Great job!

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