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Lines Divide More Than Just Railroad Ave. — 4 Comments

  1. Our police officers are who protect us from the fine line of civility & chaos. To pander to those who feel everything & all should be inclusive is ridiculous.
    “Everyone gets a trophy ” mentality is simply absurd !

  2. Please stop over thinking this issue, which shouldn’t even be an issue. We are a small , proud and most importantly, safe municipality. If painting one blue line down one small street can begin to show our officers, who are also our friends & neighbors, the support & respect we have for them ,when they risk their personal safety for us daily, what is the issue? We all have real problems to deal with every day, this should not be one.. Leave the blue line and hopefully it will remind us all what the Warwick Police Dept. does for us.

    • I am so glad that I am not the only one that feels like you. Warwick is very nice community with hardly any major crimes as in major cities. We should all be proud of our police that help keep it clean and mostly free of major crimes. They have a large area to cover with very few personnel. And they are doing a good job. We take issue with a line. Why do we not take issue with main street disrepair, lack of parking spaces and other issues that affect all of us. Please find a life and concentrate in bettering our community. Its a shame that the only time Warwick makes it to major TV channels exposure is being in a negative way. Good job for those that got the media out here to report on something that could have been taken care of within.

  3. The blue line was to honor the cops. It was not intended to slight anyone. There is nothing wrong with honoring one group, without honoring every group on earth. Murders of police officers are off the charts, this year. There is nothing wrong with saying, we the people of Warwick support you. It is too bad that we are led by a president who knows for a fact that after 6 studies, including one by his own school, Harvard, that blacks are not killed at a disproportionate rate by the police but stands silent.

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