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Narcotics Investigation Leads to Arrests — 5 Comments

  1. 6 months for 6 ounces between 4 people?! Disregarding the gross misappropriation of taxpayer dollars, what in God’s name did these officers think they were doing? In my days as a cop if you thought someone was dealing illicit substances in these quantities we’d do a controlled buy and take down the offenders. Executing a raid of a domicile and completely upheaving the lives of innocent indiciduals was reserved for extreme exigent and dangerous circumstances – as such something feels really screwy here. This entire operation, as described, has already cost the taxpayers $75+k – and more to follow as this transitions from police to the courts. And what had come out of it? Less than $500 of “drugs” which are known to grow naturally around the area. What a farce, the Warwick Police should be hanging their heads in shame. This is not Iran, the Phillipeans or Nazi Germany – this is America… unreal.

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