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Police & EMT Use Tourniquet to Save a Life — 10 Comments

  1. God bless to all the woman and men that serve our community. To the Pennings family our prayers and healing thoughts to all. We Love You! Dawn and
    Arthur Canevari and the Canevari Clan..

  2. Thanks everybody it’s gonna take some time but I’m gonna be ok and determined to make a full recovery. I count my blessings everyday and appreciate and love my community my farm and employees and friends and most importantly my family as crazy as some of us are. Ha ha
    Alive and well at 55 Steve Pennings takin it 1 day at a time

  3. Alive and well at 55!!! SO happy to hear that (and your humor)… you old man. Scared us bigtime down here in FL as news filtered in. Recover! We love you guys…

  4. Steve I am so happy You are going to be OK! Thank God for ALL of our First Responders! We are very fortunate to have them and their critical life-saving equipment!

  5. Steve! This is the first I’m hearing about this! Thank GOD that you’re recovering and that you’ll be okay. Lots of love to you… ❤️

  6. Great to hear you’re handling this so well. I know how quick these things can happen. Sure good to have first rate police and emergency crews here. Keep up the positive attitude and get well soon.
    John Seekamp

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