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Police Seize $30,000 in Marijuana — 3 Comments

    • This guy has been growing and selling pot there for over a decade, has he not?
      It is not legal to grow pot and the house is not a zoned an agricultural area to grow any commercial crop. I am further sure it is not zoned a commercial neighborhood when commerce is legally allowed and I don’t think he is declaring the income and paying taxes. This jerk has again disrespected multiple laws in the community.He needs to be dealt with harshly.
      So, to say “it’s only pot” is outrageously ignorant.

      • Ill reinforce max, its only pot, orange county has a much bigger problem called heroin and opioids. Taxes and zoning issues?!?! Really?!?!? Open your eyes up to the world around you. Cause you sound ignorant. This is a plant that help millions of people worldwide it doesnt matter how they get it!!! It doesn’t turn you into a thief or rapist or murderer. Potheads bother and endanger mo one!! It doesnt turn you into an addict either. Do some research next time before you try to rain on someones parade!!

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