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Yesterdays Restaurant, Not ‘Beer Garden,’ Proposed for Elm St. Lot — 6 Comments

  1. I’m sorry, but 16 Elm St. is an inappropriate place for a bar/restaurant. Besides the traffic and environmental issues that will result from this, it will forever change this quiet, residential neighborhood and will effect the quality of life and home values to the 20+ homeowners and families that it will immediately impact.

  2. We know John for years he is a man of the highest integrity, which is why my wife and I, family and friends, children and grandchildren feel totally safe and comfortable dinning at Yesterday’s. Once in place the neighbors boarding the property may find it very convenient to have a short walk to enjoy the great food and atmosphere.

  3. I have gone to Yesterdays Restaurant for years too, but Elm St. Is NOT the right location for it. Neighboring people will be subject to the visuals, sounds, noises & traffic into the early morning hours of an active outdoor restaurant. The values of their property will go down. I will hear it where I live in the village too. Somebody mentioned a short walk to enjoy this restaurant, well sir, the restaurant will literally be in their back yard. They will have NO CHOICE but to be exposed to whatever is happening at the restaurant all day & into the night. The high number of cars on a small village street is not good either. Dangerous for locals and visitors.

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