Families Thank Warwick Police Officers

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By Sara Paul

As an expression of gratitude, a Warwick mom wanted to do something positive for the Warwick Police Department (WPD), recognizing their role as essential workers and an important part of the community.

Approaching family, friends and neighbors, the local resident was able to collect snacks and cards that were dropped off at the police station in early June. Though the family has requested to remain anonymous, their kind efforts did not go unnoticed by the WPD.

Officers were pleasantly surprised when donations of cards, non-perishables and thoughtful letters arrived at their headquarters.

“We say thanks to all the community members who have delivered posters, food, beverages and support to us. We recognize that they wanted us to be appreciated, when, as essential workers, we are just glad to help,” said Town of Warwick Police Chief Thomas F. McGovern, Jr.


Photo provided

WPD officers recently received donations of snacks, gift cards, and letters from the community.


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