Hugs for Courage Distributes Over 400 Meals to Seniors

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   Hugs for Courage recently distributed over 400 prepackaged BBQ lunches donated by Stephen Kitar, owner of Sam’s Meat Warehouse, to senior citizens as a symbol of gratitude for being key members of the community.

  Hugs for Courage visited Liberty Green, Devon Woods, Burt Farms and Creekside apartments. Many Warwick seniors are Veterans or retired First Responders and, those who are not, still have earned the right to be treated respectfully. 

Hugs for Courage wanted to help continue to provide them a sense of community that empowers and energizes them. This is so much needed, especially, after the hard times that they had to endure during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Photo provided

Volunteers help distribute BBQ meals to seniors donated by Stephen Kitar (right), who is the owner of Sam’s Meat Warehouse. 

Photo provided 

Stephen Kitar (center), who is the owner of Sam’s Meat Warehouse, is pictured with his family & members of Hugs for Courage as they get ready to distribute meals to senior citizens. 

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