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Defends ‘Unbiased’ Reporting in the ‘Warwick Valley Dispatch’ — 1 Comment

  1. Typical of those who share your so called “conservative”, kneejerk perspectives on nearly everything, this opinion piece is confusing and barely cogent, Mr. Stanaitis. It seems as though you support the planned construction of a new Yesterdays Bar. But then you obfuscate your point in pointless rambling about antifa and anti-capitalistic argle-bargle.

    You claim on one hand that the Dispatch is unbiased in its reporting and on the other hand, that it supports biased wire stories. Which is it?

    Moreover, you seem to fundamentally misunderstand those with who you have a philosophical disagreement, calling them names and deriding their viewpoints in a barely coherent fashion. I for one am PROUD to be an anti-fascist as were all the men and women of the Greatest Generation who fought and died in WWII to rid the world of the same hateful and corrupt ideology currently infecting our national politics. Are you pro-fascist? Perhaps you may actually be.

    The ignorance and bluster on display in your letter is among the main drivers of the resurgence of fascistic ideology in our great nation today. You ought to educate yourself a bit more on your opposition and you may find more commonality between yourself and those you would recklessly (not to mention incompetently) vilify.

    For example, let me state that as a died-in-the-wool progressive, I FULLY SUPPORT John Christison’s right to build his business on a lot that has been zoned for such activity for decades. As do many of my liberal-minded, business-owning friends. It must surprise you to learn that left wingers are also businessmen and women. While I do empathize with the neighbors’ plight, they knew when they purchased their homes how the adjacent property was zoned and should expect no special dispensation now. And if they didn’t know, caveat emptor.

    Yet, if folks were to believe the Fox-inspired caricature of the left which you so deftly regurgitate in your incoherent screed, they’d have to believe folk like me (and others who share my liberal worldview) were scheming to don black hoods and firebomb all the businesses in the village because we so clearly hate commerce and capitalism. How many riots at the hands of “anti-capitalists” have you been witness to in the village? In Orange County? Right. ZERO!

    So you can kindly take your irrelevant-to-this-discussion sanctimony about those protesting the CPV plant and seeking only to protect the air and water quality of the region and pack it, ever-so-gently, sideways into your orifice of choice. Additionally folk like you have NO BUSINESS extolling the value of neutrality of ANY media outlet when your party has been working overtime to undermine the free press in America. SHAME!

    I leave you with this final wisdom from Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain): “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt!” Words (for you especially) to live by sir.

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