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Enough is Enough! — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you for speaking up! I’ve watched this ridiculousness from afar and laughed at how silly the adjoining property owners sound. They should be thankful that a more industrial use isn’t trying to come and develop that property (considering if one did, it would be as-of-right!). I’ve never even been to Yesterday’s and think it is a wonderful addition to that unsightly vacant lot. The neighbors are all being extremely over dramatic. I truly hope the application gets passed because there is nothing wrong with it whatsoever (and I’m a civil engineer by profession, so I truly can speak on that behalf). Perhaps you shouldn’t have moved to the village (NEXT TO AN INDUSTRIAL ZONE NONETHELESS) if you didn’t want development happening around you. Your property value will not be decreasing because a restaurant is going in behind you – shockingly enough, that’s a plus to some people who are looking for a village lifestyle!

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