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Lucky to Have Yesterdays as a Neighbor — 3 Comments

  1. Well, I do not feel “lucky” with the prospect of having a 3600 sq ft restaurant practically in my backyard; and what “deeply offends” me is that many of our “neighbors” have no understanding of nor sympathy for their fellow residents of Warwick who will be so negatively affected if this building site is approved. Are we a community of people who care about one another, or are we simply residents of the same village?

  2. Im a resident of the village and one that is always looking for that restaurant that puts customers and a quality meal at an affordable price on the table. Well look around , Yesterdays is tried and true and that’s why they are still here. I support thier effort to expand and for good reason “Great food at an affordable price” restaurants come and go in this little village of ours but few remember that we are not all the Rockefellers. Build and build a great new place for us to dine.keep true to your values and you will be here for a long,long time

  3. This issue is not about how wonderful a bar “Yesterdays” is or was or could be, nor is about the “high standards” of the owners. The issue here is the location of the proposed eating/drinking establishment. It proposes to be built directly adjacent to many of my neighbors on Van Buren St. and West St, just yards from patios and decks and bedrooms where they currently enjoy peace and quiet. Surely with all the wide open acreage available in the town there is a better location, better than one that encroaches on our neighbors’ space, for the owners of Yesterdays to expand the business interest. Taxpayers have rights as well as merchants, all we ask is for a reasonable decision from the planning board that considers our (the taxpayer’s) grave concerns. I’m all for an affordable burger and a beer just not in the site they are proposing.

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