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Plastic Bags – Inaction Is Inexcusable — 5 Comments

  1. A very well written letter that makes absolute sense, while the Town Board not voting on this makes no sense at all! If there are people who honestly can’t afford to buy “reusable bags”, they can always simply reuse the plastic or paper ones they’ve been getting every time they go shopping. Come on people, the end of our planet is inevitable, but let’s try to slow it down a little.

  2. Rachel, I really appreciate your letter and agree with you 100%. The research has been done, it’s time to act. To do anything less is shirking personal responsibility for the mess we have made.

  3. Warwick is living in the past. Two states and a number of cities in our country have banned plastic bags. Washington DC has a tax on them. while San Francisco, San Jose and Seattle, have banned them. Thirty-two countries around the world have banned them, including China, India, France, Ireland and even Rwenda has a ban! Scores of countries tax them, resulting in Denmark using 4 bags per year per person.

    Isn’t it time the Town Council in Warwick woke up and stood up to the global dangers they pose to ocean and land wildlife…as well as human beings? We are all walking around with microscopic bits of plastic in our systems from partially broken down plastics in water all over the planet.

  4. It does seem not in keeping with some of the other aspects of Warwick leadership in related areas such as PDR, AT awards. recycle containers , best little library and beautification projects.

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