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Pulpit Rock Property Owner Responds to Concerns of Letter Writer — 9 Comments

  1. What exactly are the plans for that area? There are accusations and denials. That is not helpful. The plans by the owner made public in the newspaper would clarify the issue.

    • The Dispatch will have a story on this within the next few weeks. The proposed application is currently before the Town of Warwick Planning Board. The public can view the plans at Warwick Town Hall and also attend the planning board meetings which are open to the public. Planning Board meetings are listed on the Town’s website – http://www.townofwarwick.org on their calendar page. – Jennifer O’Connor, editor

      • All true. But the public is lazy and a news article on the plans would serve as a better conduit than individual research. Happy that the Dispatch will do a story on the topic.Gerry

  2. I am so tired of every developer looking to slice up any piece of land and destroy the natural beauty of this area to line their own pockets. Warwick does not need another hotel, the traffic right now is overwhelming. The last thing we need is a group of “cottages”, parking lots, whatever at this beautiful entrance to our town. It’s sad that instead of seeing the natural beauty they see dollar signs-never mind a quality of life. Enough!!

  3. My biggest concern is having a hotel that close to the middle school and high school not to mention St. Stevens. I understand people coming as tourists for attractions in the area however those of us who live and moved here to be full time residents did so for a certain way of life for ourselves and family and contribute to keep it that way. By building a place that provides temporary lodging right next to where 60% or better of our children attend school I feel is inviting an element that is not conducive to our children’s safety. I’m not saying the idea of creating lodging near Warwick for tourists is a bad thing however I think the location chosen on West Street with all its evaluations on traffic, environmental and archeological studies, and historical considerations has left out the biggest consideration and that is OUR CHILDREN. If the town allows this project to move foreword at the current location on West street then I feel the town is more concerned about revenue then the well being of our children.

    • It would be nice to be able to accommodate visitors to our festivals for a night or a weekend. Helpful for the local merchants and restaurants. Question is where. There are some lovely B and B’s and if one goes to VRBO, there are about 30 entries within a few miles of downtown Warwick. Before deciding on whether or not further accommodations are needed and where they should go, the town leaders might check in on the occupancy rates of the existing availabilities.
      The legal question of what an owner can do with his property given the zoning laws is another issue. I am not sure that having visitor accommodations near a school and across from a firehouse and a bus garage is much of a danger to children. There is, of course the danger that such an entity could turn into a “flop house” or drug emporium and no one wants that. There are many outlying areas for a motel/cottage establishment but many are PDR’d. Further development of the prison…. the old staff quarters and super’s house might be a good location for visitors with a restaurant set up in the old mansion across from the brewery to be. I lived in those staff quarters as a three year old some 78 years ago.

  4. Now those are the things I’m talking about Gerard. The elements that are not conducive to our children. As you put it “a flop house” or “drug emporium” just to name a few not just by the firehouse or bus station but near where the bulk of our children in the area attend school. Not to mention on the direct path they take every day. Again I’m not against the idea of lodging in the area just the location on West street.i actually really like what you mentioned about the prison being utilized. It’s a shame we have some of these unused buildings in the area not being used. Like the Pine Island school. Last I New it was vacant or mostly vacant and would be a great school location for children with disabilities such as autism. Just a thought.

  5. This is an experienced developer with all his legal ducks in a row….to stop it, you will need to attend Town Planning Board meetings. As many opposed as possible! Letters are great, but you can’t sit this one out. Warwick is being sold off piece by piece.

  6. It appears that all the recent development in our community has been geared toward turning Warwick into a playground for the nouveau riche from Manhattan. Many of our farms have been turned into craft beer musical festivals, a private renter has turned the historical Bard’s tavern into a pricey night spot that most locals can’t afford to drink in, General Hawthorne’s House was turned into a B&B, A Bicycle trail is proposed to entice City Folk to “work up a thirst” before heading to our over abundant “Craft Beer ” Spots and a bus service has been created to shuttle drunks from on e watering hole to another, all to enrich the local Gentry & satisfy the tourists.
    It is time for local government to start looking out for the folks who view Warwick as a place to live retire, and to Preserve. Mr Kitar has made a proposal that is anathema to the interests of most folks in this community. However, Mr Kitar has made an investment in the purchase and planning of this property and is entitled to compensation. The easiest solution to this is to have the town use eminent domain to obtain the property for the creation of a Park that considers both the Warwick Heritage as well as the Native American heritage of this special place. A proposition for such a purpose should be immediately prepared for the November election.
    I have been a Warwick resident for four decades and have heard many stories of local residents finding arrowheads and other Native American artifacts on these grounds and have also heard that the rock had special significance to the Lenape indians who were once encamped there. Mr Kitar has stated he has done archaeological “research” prior to building. Will an Archaeological dig be done on the property before building to ensure that additional artifacts are found before being destroyed? Will anyone from the Native American Community be contacted for input ?

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