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Say ‘No’ to 5G Cell Towers in Local Communities — 7 Comments

  1. We are having the same issue. Orange County – Poughkeepsie Limited dba Verizon Wireless received approval to place antennas on top of the Kings Estates water tower. We are going to fight this but you need to know that the telecommunications act of 1996 specifically prohibits the concern of health risks as a reason for denying an application for a telecommunications facility. I recommend that you read your town code regarding telecommunications facilities, do a thorough reading of the application and what they are claiming as their need and be in a position to hire and pay for an attorney.Best of luck to you!

  2. now Verizon wants to construct a cell tower on the property owned by ray ruszkiewicz. he is petitioning Verizon to install it on his property with no regard for the concerns of his neighbors. we cannot let this happen.

  3. The gs pipe line is only feet away 120 tower and the high winds is a disaster in the making please say no to Ray cell tower

  4. Well the town board went to ruszkiewicz land and did a sight survey! Next the balloon test ! Yep they send up a couple of balloons to 120ft and this is going to let you see what the tower will look like ! 12stories tall this so close to my home it will be worthless , never be able to sell it this is horrible how can our town let them do this ? With no regard to our property values !

  5. It’s march 8 and the red balloons are flying. It looks horrible. The proposed cell tower will be an ugly eye sore and will devalue all the real estate in the area. Thanks Ray. I guess “love thy neighbor” got replaced with consummate greed.

  6. I would like to move to Warwick from Queens, NY where 5G is being rollout all over but I sam concerned about the 5G rollout and just moving to another place where I, an electro-hypersensitive person, will be exposed to 5G. I would like to connect with other concerned individuals and be kept abreast about what is going on. Feel free to email me at: grace.p.burke@gmail.com. Thanks.

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