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‘You Have No Right to Paint Renters in a Bad Light’ — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Ms. Colluda,
    I apologize if you felt as though renters themselves were being “painted in a bad light”, that was not our intention. I myself have been a renter several times over the years and treated my “home” with the same care I would if it belonged to me. The point that we were trying to make is that if the owners of these properties needed to leave Warwick, the value of their homes would be so reduced, by having a bar in their backyards, that they would be forced to rent rather than sell. Do you think this is fair to those of us who have maintained our homes, paid our taxes and have relied on the security our most important financial asset would provide for the future? Once again, I apologize for offending you, it was never our intention.

  2. No, we are only worried sick about our home values. The home, you work your entire life to pay off. This entire process has been really painful an hard. No disrespect was meant, we have rented. We have been chastised at every turn, called names an our homes were called shacks. Not easy, to take from people who are from your own community. Nothing personal, is impossible when it comes to protecting your quality of life and home. To be treated the way out group of concerned folks were treated through this was pretty disappointing to say the least. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

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