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‘Your Freedom of Speech as Filtered Through Disqus’ — 8 Comments

  1. What a snowflake. Boo hoo. I see you’re closely following the trump fascist playbook like a good little toady. Don’t like the way our free press reports on the incompetence and corruption of the trump admin? Scream “fake news” and work to undermine the free press which is a cornerstone of American democracy. Now that social media has become a channel for exposing the lies, willful ignorance and hatred at the core of the modern conservative movement, it’s time to try and deligitimize those channels.

    Vote with your feet then. Exercise your right to spout off your hyper partisan BS elsewhere if you don’t like how any particular site moderates it’s content. I would suggest the fictional pages at fox news or redstate.com where your extreme, fact free, right wing zealotry will be welcomed.

  2. Wow. Name calling…sad. Would love to have a coffee with you someday Anthony to try to have a civil conversation. Have a great day.

    • my comments were bi partisan only to the effect that the editing on diqus is obviously bi partisan,an obvious fact to those who use it and why they may use it. as you may notice , at this location, this purely American newspaper, the commenters as a rule do not use terms like snowflake etc unless they are used politely which you managed to do in spite of your anger against my exercise of free speech in a none biased outlet , we are all Americans or have you forgotten that and all guaranteed the right of free speech. don’t you want that anymore? or just for yourself, a rather dictatorial stance for an American. and without an opposing viewpoint to your freedom of speech restrictions , where does that leave 1/3 of America standing.

  3. Mr. Robb, my last word on this specific appellation you have given us opposition folks “snowflake”. despite its sarcastic connotation. I remember what your candidate called over 60 million Americans last time “deplorables’. how’d that work out for you people. wait, my friend,,,when we over 60 millions Americans form that blizzard next year, i do hope you are hale and hearty enough to shovel snowflakes for a minimum of 4 more years…

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