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  1. Just so we’re clear, when I brought my house on Van Buren, the property at 16 Elm Street was zoned “light industrial”, not commercial, and it still is. According to the village zoning laws there is a significant difference
    between these two zoning designations. The light industrial designation is meant to be a “buffer” between commercial and residential areas and so its limitations for use are clearly stated.
    Familiarizing myself with these laws, I felt assured that my property was protected from any use of the Elm St property that would be inappropriate for the residential neighborhood it abuts. Assured because its zoning prohibits a building inappropriately sized in comparison to the surrounding properties, as well as, prohibiting any business that would create a noise factor outside an enclosed building. Any worry about a noise factor was also lessened by the Warwick Village Code which clearly states the hours and decibel levels permitted.
    So now construction of a building, three times the size of the surrounding homes, with an outdoor seating area, which will violate both the zoning and noise ordinances, has been approved in direct opposition to our village laws! Yet it is somehow the homeowners’ fault?
    This is a matter that should be of great concern to all village residents, not just those affected in this case because if the laws, that are meant to protect our properties and the quality of our lives, can be disregarded so easily, who among us is safe from having our rights violated?

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