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Convent at Mount Alverno Center Closed — 7 Comments

  1. So very sad!
    We have wonderful memories that we shared at the convent with all of our dear Sisters and sweet Jane! We have been blessed to visit, break bread together, sing together, and pray together!
    Sr. Paula Adelman, SFP, is my hubby Canio’s Aunt. We were so fortunate to visit and stay with “Aunt Jean” many times. Along with our dear friends; Sr Anita, Sr Margie, Sr Rosamaria, Sr Jolenta, Sr Veronica, Sr Helen, Sr Maria Teresa, Sr Kathleen, Sr Mary Maloney, Sr Mary Jaciinta, Sr Marisa Stella, Sr Mercedita, and Sr Mary Veronica.
    We will never forget the hospitality and love that we shared with each and every one of them.
    God Bless.
    Canio and Belinda Codella

    • Did anyone remember Sr Mary Teresa Bramsiepe? She died in 1982 in her 89th year in the Mount Alverno Convent? I am researching about family members and I would appreciate any contact as she was my great grand aunt- who left Germany in 1913 as Ms. Alwine Bramsiepe. Thank you
      Peter Plate (Cologne, Germany)

  2. I believe I know Sr. Paula. I was a student nurse at St.Michaels in Newark, New Jersey and a Sr.Paula was the supervisor of the maternity section. As students, we went on retreats in Warwick. So sad to hear it is gone.

    • Aunt Jean always talked about her students and how “things were back in the day”. I have spent my career working in hospitals too, so that was always our conversation. We lost Aunt Jean in 2004, she was 80. The other sisters that were still living in Warwick were all transferred to the main St. Francis convent in Cincinnati, Ohio
      Makes my heart happy that you responded and knew her. Thank you for sharing, I have shared this with Aunt Jean’s nephew Canio.

      • I graduated in 1963 and did OB for over 32 years. It was my favorite specialty. However, I was also in the military and did trauma nursing while there. So, OB and critical care! Quite a combo!
        Thanks for responding to me. It upsets me to think the Motherhouse in Warwick is gone but happy that the sisters were relocated. They will always remain in my heart and prayers. Blessings! By the way, next month we have our 55th nursing school reunion.

        • That is a combo! Everything you must have seen and experienced. Wow!
          It is also still very upsetting to us. We miss them so much and we do not hear from them. So we have to think that they receive our cards and still remember who we are.
          Enjoy the reunion and the memories!
          What a wonderful surprise when I received your email.
          God Bless you.

  3. Thanks so much. I will be sure to share the information about the Sisters at the reunion. God Bless you also.

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