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Fate of G.L. Geese Still In Question — 1 Comment

  1. I am very glad to hear that the mayor and the community in general is affecting a more intelligently progressive, non-lethal manner of dealing with the native waterfowl. Killing these geese should NEVER be an option in this area. The fact that this was ever on the table is testament to an uninformed, intolerant approach to living with natural wildlife. It sounds as if no humane efforts were ever even attempted at all in the past, just killing.

    200-300 birds on a 9-mile lake is actually a totally reasonable number (low, even) of waterfowl for a lake of this size, and these birds are completely symbiotic with their environment. They can be effectively and successfully managed by various methods but probably best by several types of landscape modification, which can be utilized to both attract the birds to an area of the lake where they would be preferred, and also to discourage them from areas where they are not wanted. All without killing, which is never effective anyway – it is nothing but lucrative job security for the USDA’s Wildlife Services killing division.

    The real truth is, you do not have a goose problem – you have a PEOPLE problem. Specifically, the people who rush to into killing without exploring non-lethal alternatives.

    I applaud the Committee for Humane Geese Control for their outstanding efforts to bring compassionate enlightenment, intelligence and education to their community.

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