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G.L. Commission Continues to Face Geese Round Up Backlash — 5 Comments

  1. Commissioner Hastings states in the article that the geese are an invasive species . Right there, he proves he knows nothing about these birds. The Canada goose is NATIVE to ALL of North America. Last time I looked, New Jersey was in North America.

    200 geese should not be hard to manage and begin to limit in population by humane methods if the community works with humane organizations who have experience with this and know what they are doing. The most successful programs include using 3 or 4 methodologies in combination (landscaping modification, egg addling, and other location-specific ideas). There is also a hybrid grass that geese (and deer) don’t like, so they avoid areas where it is planted. There are effective things that can be done without killing.

    Also, it’s a LAKE – unless you fill it in, you are going to have some waterfowl.

    The USDA always starts out with a half-assed attempt at control and then right away whips out their Wildlife Services Division kill contract. And it’s all downhill from there. The community gets on a carousel of killing year after year and the USDA makes a fortune from this. They aren’t interested in curtailing population – they make literally BILLIONS across the country signing up unknowledgeable communities. They always try to get the community onboard by telling them not to feel bad about the killing, because the geese will be donated to the poor. That almost NEVER happens. Local geese eat pesticide-treated grass and the cost to test the carcasses for toxins is ridiculously prohibitive. Reputable food panties will not endanger their poor populations who already have compromised immune systems, so they won’t take the geese. There is no meat on the babies. The whole lot is thrown in landfills. Do you feel so concerned about the poor that you would kill your pet dog or cat to feed them? If you would not do that, you shouldn’t do this either. The poor don’t need goosemeat; they don’t even like it. What they really need, if you truly want to help them, is fresh produce, which they rarely get.

    As for the person in the article who claimed ear, eye and skin infections from the geese, I call BS. Other than pesticides they might ingest, geese eat nothing but grass – their droppings are entirely harmless, being vegetarian; they are completely symbiotic with their environment. If they were truly dangerous to humans, they would have killed us off decades ago. The droppings from stray dogs and especially from feral cats (which is LOADED with toxins) is far more likely to have been the cause of any infections, as well as any drug paraphernalia that humans discard outdoors. Waterfowl rescuers have been up to their armpits in goose droppings in large-scale rescues and not one person ever got sick from a goose. E.coli rarely comes from geese and can even form in sand without a human or animal host. Algae blooms are NOT from geese. Simple DNA testing would reveal the true cause of any issues.

    APLNJ is an outstanding New Jersey animal organization that has been successful in working with other New Jersey communities in goose management. I urge the people in this community to contact them and get them to help with this issue. Website: http://aplnj.org/ They also have a Facebook page.)

  2. Thank you so much for your clear and honest reporting. This is an uphill battle with a seemingly inflexible board. I hope we can convince them to work alongside of us….because they have promised to kill again if we cannot dissuade them

  3. And please direct the readers to Facebook’s The Committee for Humane Geese Control. To show that public opinion is NOT on their side, and that killing is not the answer, please either email or send hard copy letters to Paul Zarrillo, Commissioner Greenwood Lake Commission in West Milford, NJ. You will find both the email address as well as the mailing address on their website. Let’s save our wildlife and lessen the population in humane ways. Please.

  4. First I wonder if you live on the lake. It’s a big difference being on or across the street from the lake. Lakefront owners deal with the DISGUSTING droppings every single day, on their docks, yards and driveways. And as for the ridiculous statement about geese being vegetarian and there droppings harmless to humans I strongly suggest you do your homework before spreading lies. If it’s your opinion it should be stared clearly as so. I also wonder if your position would be the same if it were an infestation of harmless non poisonness SNAKES.

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