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Greenwood Lake Commission Criticized for Lack of Transparency on Geese Control — 2 Comments

  1. The bottom line is that the lake needs to be cleaned up. The geese are a total nuisance but the pollution from NJ is an even bigger problem. It drives me crazy that people get upset over the removal of the animals yet aren’t more actively engaged in the other problems facing the lake. And I say this as an animal lover myself.

  2. As a GWL lakefront owner and animal lover, I would have appreciated more transparency to the GWL commission geese removal program. Stating that it was “discussed at a few meetings” and “it was a matter of public record”, is not transparency, perhaps an article in the local paper, or facebook, twitter, etc. I would like to support the commission, but this dismissal of community concern and defensive responses is not encouraging. I fully agree we need to manage the Geese population, but it would have been good to understand the alternatives the GWLC reviewed and an understanding of “why” they chose this approach. As posted earlier, I do believe we have much bigger issues. It would be encouraging to see the GWLC tackle the bigger issues of septic and run off, much of which is concentrated to particular areas around the lake. When you state “you are mandated by law to keep the lake clean”, would that not include the septic and run off from local businesses and homes? Is this not the larger issue? Especially considering the very concerning report by Montclair University. I am happy to know when the next meeting is, as it appears more community involved is needed.

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