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Joe Walter: A True Mechanic — 2 Comments

  1. I’ve known Joey Walter my entire life. My father knew his father and I remember being in Frank’s showroom from the time I was a little girl. Joe always had the fastest car and hung around the stock car races with my Uncle Newm. Debbie and I have been soul sisters the majority of our lives. She’s the strongest woman I know and Joe is brilliant. I had a first row seat to their relationship since I moved to Debbie’s parents a week after my graduation from Warwick High and had the privilege of reading scripture at their wedding. When I married, Joe and Deb pitched in and ran errands and supported us. The four of us have been fast friends and we’ve spent weeks in Summers in their parked camper. My whole life, this couple have been role models for me. Our three children were also adopted and over the years, our lives have been somewhat parallel. For thirty years, before GPS systems, anytime I needed directions, I would call Joe and he’d give me an exit number or direct me – I could be anywhere along the Eastern coast and he’d know how to get me back to the interstate or where a restroom could be found. His photographic memory and quick wit are useful secrets he doesn’t advertise. When my father died two years ago, they were there, like I knew they would be. Debbie managed the food, our suite was available, and Joe reigned over the repast, remembering stories, providing dates and details despite his difficulty to manage the body he can no longer control. I have had the tremendous privilege to know this man from his teen years, newlywed husband, patient father, brilliant manager, business owner, friend, humble retiree. Joe is a quiet giant who loves and thinks deeply and is a steadfast friend and family man. Warwick has had a true treasure in their midst and he and Debbie are gifts to the community.

  2. Fantastic story and great photos. Thanks for taking the time to gather the information and write this very moving story. The food at the Deli is very delicious. I even had it delivered when it became difficult for me to drive that far from my house.
    Lon Tytell

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