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Local Volunteer Combating Problematic Feline Colonies — 33 Comments

  1. I applaud Karen for her obvious compassion for unowned cats. However, here’s some historical and scientific facts not mentioned. Cats are an invasive species, and never were part of wild, natural environments. Cats kill wildlife, whether they are fed by humans or not. They kill millions of federally protected migratory songbirds (and other small wild creatures) every single year, just in the USA. Hunting and killing is how they are genetically hard-wired. Other than being on a leash or in a “catio”, outside cats will continue to kill wildlife. Root causes of too many cats and not enough homes? Sure, all cat owners should spay and neuter their cats. More importantly, public and private animal shelters must humanely euthanize those cats that are unadoptable (due to age, poor health, dangerous feral behavior). Why are cats dumped outside? Because shelters are ALWAYS FULL OF CATS THAT HAVE BEEN IN THEIR SHELTERS FOR MONTHS or YEARS!!!! Go ahead, make a call to your local shelter and ask if you could pretty please drop off an unowned or unwanted cat. Perhaps you’ll be added to a waiting list that is a mile long. I believe it is inhumane to warehouse cats (or dogs) in shelters for years on end. It is inhumane to turn people away when they are trying to bring homeless domestic animals to a shelter. It is inhumane to trap, neuter or spay an unwanted cat, and then re-abandon it outside, hours or a few days, after major surgery. It is unconscionable for pro-TNR folks to promote TNR as a solution to the overabundance of cats, since it has never, anywhere in the world, decreased the number of feral cats (the United Kingdom methodically practiced TNR for over 50 years with no reduction in feral cat populations). It is inhumane to dump a domestic animal outside where native predators can and will hunt them (great horned owls, red-tailed hawks, coyote, fox, fishers). I predict that eventually towns and states will finally recognize that TNR is a waste of resources and is inherently animal cruelty. Cats must be licensed, and not allowed to roam freely, just as we have regulated dogs for decades. Shelters must get realistic and allow humane euthanasia of cats that are unadoptable or warehoused for a limited amount of time, in order to make room for incoming cats. It is NOT OK under any circumstances to let cats suffer outside , live short, wretched lives, kill native wildlife, and then die by predation, illness or being hit by cars.

    • One cannot abandon that what it not connected. Cats are not in jeopardy; they ar thriving. Many people including myself find it unconscionably to kill a healthy animal just because its wild or deemed (invasive due to sheer numbers) intact/invasive.
      Cats need to be widespread sterilized. The amount of people needed to do this is a MUCH lower # needed compared to the amount of people/organizations needed to impact the numbers with trap and exterminate. So we need to work together to promote indoor only kitties, no outdoor feeding unless fixed, and mandate spay/neuter.
      But to end TNR would lead to even greater numbers of cats.

    • Spoken like a true unfetted liar! You may fool some of these people with your disgusting and twisted lies but I can assure you not those of us who know better. To the people reading now, this person has had absolutely no experience in TNR and only knows what it has read .
      As someone who is on the front lines I can tell you that TNR absolutely does work and I have watched many colonies die out naturally over the year because of TNR. Many of the cats living 12 to 19 years .
      This person that wrote the above has absolutely no idea what they are talking about when they say ” like we have regulated dogs for years” That shows their ignorance. Don’t believe me check out the SPCAs numbers on Doge euthanized every year…then ask yourself ..”Is this regulation”?
      The writer hopes you will believe it’s lies and deception. DON’T! Learn for yourself.
      Take on a colony, care for it, TNR it then ask yourself..Is this inhumane? Are these cats suffering? Are they unhappy?
      The truth may surprise you.

      As for the writer above. I would love to debate you. Judging by your post above, you are an idiot and would be easy to rebuke!!

      • Annie Mardinay is a local wildlife rehabber who ha gone on public record to support her buddy Gail Mihocko of Project Cat. Take a look at fbook page The truth about Project Cat. Director Gail Mihocko has killed THOUSANDS of cats in her effort to “save” wildlife.

    • Annie, your comments are misleading. You didn’t mention the most invasive species of all – humans? TNR does work and the numbers prove that. Until it is done on a widespread basis (which we are getting closer to everyday), naysayers like you will continue to spread these mistruths. I am glad you brought up that shelters are full. Why is that really? Humans again. They abandon cats and DOGS outside – people are moving, don’t want them anymore, they are not something new anymore. Responsibility thoughts set in and out they go. Of course, they never had the cat or dog spayed/neutered. So when the cats, for example, reproduce, it is the cats fault. aPeople like you say they need to be killed (not euthanized – which happens when an animal is injured or ill). If shelters are wanting to move towards no-kill status, they must start with the linchpin = which is TNR. Community cats should never go into a shelter. There needs to be a relationship with TNR groups so that when these cats show up, the TNR group steps in. And after TNR, they are returned to the outside where they are CARED for as part of a MANAGED colony. Community cats can live long lives too. The “facts” you are throwing out are just not true.

  2. Unfortunately, Ms. Meierdiercks’ misguided actions are hurting, not helping. By leaving these domestic animals in the environment and continuing to feed them, she is also feeding all of the intact cats that inevitably remain around the perimeter of these colonies and don’t get fixed. These cats continue to breed and do so even more prolifically thanks to all the cat food dumped by the colony feeders. New intact cats also immigrate in, attracted by the food. They also have a litter or 2 before being caught and neutered, as do the intact unwanted cats that are frequently dropped off at these attractive dumping grounds by irresponsible owners. The colonies don’t go away. They perpetuate for years and years, as long as someone is dumping cat food for them. And all the while, the cats continue to kill native birds and wildlife, spread disease to other animals and humans, and damage personal property.

    Feral cats should be removed from the environment and taken to a responsible shelter where they will have a chance at adoption to an indoor home. If they are not suitable for adoption, they should be euthanized.

    • Feral cat colonies that are fed and many cats neutered, still last decades, and sometimes actually increase in numbers, due to in-migration of intact cats, attracted by the cat food. They really should be continuously trapped and removed from the environment, where they are doing much damage to the wildlife and to human health (Toxoplasma gondii, a cat parasite, causes brain damage, hearing and vision loss in the human fetus, as well as vision loss even in adult acquired cases and is a leading infectious disease cause of vision loss globally). Where there is cat food and cats neutered, the territoriality of cats is severely diminished, to the point that intact cats take over. William A Johnston is quite correct in his comments. It is sad that there are more cats than homes for them, but we all need to face up to what needs doing, which is tighter ownership requirements on cats, anti-roaming ordinances, mandatory neutering prior to the first litter, and a ban on feeding unowned cats, so that they can be more easily and humanely trapped and removed from the environment. Sorry, but euthanasia sadly is the humane solution, preventing many deaths of the wildlife by cat predation, and humane for the cat too, if not socialized and suitable for adoption.

      • How has trap and kill worked out for you? Its been in use for decades and the number of community cats only increases. That is NOT the case with TNR.

  3. The leading cause of death for a cat is birth, whether it be in a shelter or on the street. Karen Meierdiercks has spared thousands a life of misery via TNR. Support her efforts by rolling up your sleeves and conducting TNR and a monetary donation. Regina Massaro/Spay Neuter Intervention Project SNIP.

  4. It’s all very sad that TNR cat hoards continue indefinitely due to very low neuter rates and more cats joining for the food. TNR is sold as a way to get rid of the cats but TNR doctrine is to always have cats so more will not appear, “vacuum effect” or carrying capacity animals fighting over food however cats are domestic animals and TNR hoarders supply endless food. The food also grows other pest populations; rats, mice, raccoons, skunks, possum. Due to dense populations of cats and no re-trapping and low trap rates the cats and other animals have high rates of diseases and parasites causing animal suffering and public health hazards. The dense populations of cats scour the environment of needed native animals so destroy habitats.

  5. To me this is just one more reason to support cat euthanasia. Some older folks will waste their retirement-savings doing this if they see cats. Just get the cats off the street. So cats are too cute to die? They are obligate carnivores, so other animals must be killed in order to keep them alive. So you see, this doesn’t make sense. None of this makes sense. Not cat rescue, not TNR, not keeping them in the woods until they fall over sideways from some inhumane death involving disease.

  6. I just scrolled through and saw the usual names and didnt even read past the third sentence as its the same old circular nonsensical kill em-all exagerated commentary. … I ask you all please name ONE state that lists cats as an invasive species. ONE! Fact is you can’t you lie and hope everyone believes it. You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time.

  7. Here in WA State we are not alone in the endeavor of helping these community cats. The usual naysayers up above don’t mention that there are many areas that most definitely see TNR working in this country. This year alone at my local high quality high volume spay/neuter clinic we have done 6800 surgeries. Overall in this area the same clinic has spayed/neutered over 118,000 cats. We stop reproduction. The above trolls spouting nonsensical unscientific “data” ought to get off their arses and spay ONE cat instead of discouraging others from helping what IS working and IS saving taxpayers $$$.

  8. There are an estimated 300,000 feral , stray and abandoned cats in miami-dade alone and they euthanaized them for decades and it didn’t work so the city implemented a free TNR program and with the help of volunteers the numbers are finally decreasing. In Miami the cats do not live long lives outdoors from being poisoned, traumatic injury or illness. 1000’s of people maintain colonies and alert trappers when new cats attempt to enter and due to contrary belief colony cats protect their areas from intact cats. I’m a dedicated TNR trapper volunteer for Miami dade animal services and I can tell you it’s working but it will never be under control unless more people get involved.

  9. Awesome work this woman is doing. The birders and conversationist must understand that TNR not just benefits the cats but the area they reside in. If I were a squirrel or a bird, I’d rather deal with smaller amounts of neutered cats that don’t require to hunt 24/7 then countless starving breeding cats hunting nonstop to survive. My neighbor feral numbers have dropped to counting on my hands. And the cats are healthy, well-fed and some are in their senior years. I’ve also seen birds pecking at the left over kibble.. with two neutered ferals snoozing few feet away.

  10. When done properly, TNR only feeds the cats that have been TNR’ed and gets picked up so as NOT to attract or benefit intact breeding cats. Most TRUE TNR dont even supplenent a cat whose matabolism is geared 100% to their own health instead of procreation.
    Yes TNRed cats live another five maybe ten more years, but unlike a non fixed cat, they wont create 5 more kittens 4x a year who each do the same for their short 5 year lives.
    You anti-tnr keep comparing tnr to killing. But who MORE is doing the killing? Open admission shelters, pounds, city shelters, private shelters are killing already and its NOT working. TNR is being done by PRIVATE CITIZENS in addition to all the KILL systems already and still in place.
    If your GET YOUR WAY and nobody is doing TNR…..what do you think will be the result?

  11. Mark Woodward why do you keep spreading lies? You dont know ANYTHING about TNR. Despite many people trying to educate you, you still have a misperception of what it is we’re actually doing and exactly how its done. In your head you think that all TNR practitioners are outdoor cat hoarders and nothing that we tell you is going to change your mind so you keep telling everybody else the same stupid bs. You are full of crap you are a liar you keep spreading things that are not true and your karma is going to catch up with you you dumb MF jerk who just wants to spread hate trolling anything positive published anywhere a out TNR. Shame on you!!! There is a special place in hell reserved just for wastes of air like you.

  12. So…Just to give you all some numbers to digest…. so far in 2018, we have done TNVR to 212 adult cats and removed 68 viable kittens for adoption through Cast Aside To Survive Inc for a total of 280 cats that are no longer on the streets breeding. We estimate that for every 1 cat sterilized, it saves 200 more from being born on the streets, making our GRAND TOTAL 56,000 of lives PREVENTED!! We would say that’s a PURRdy BIG deal!! We need YOUR support to continue this work! Go Karen!!

  13. Wow. 212. But, you are nowhere near close to making a statistically significant difference. See, the thing is – for any population reduction to occur by way of TNR/TNVR the feeders have to trap more than 75% of the entire fertile population of Warwick EVERY year. More than 75%. Every year. So you are just spinning your wheels.

    A formula that is often used to estimate the outdoor ‘community’ cat population is to take the human population and divide by 7. Warwick has almost 7,000 individuals. So that means 1,000 outdoor ‘community’ cats. You have to fix more than 750 every year to reduce the ‘community’ cat population. Oh, well.

    The bottom line is that TNR is an utter failure that harms wildlife and does absolutely zilch to prevent the spread of zoonoses.

    Oh, and just FYI, the state of Hawaii lists cats as an Invasive Species. So does the Western Governors Association. And globally, Felis catus is in the Top 100.

    Fa la la la la, la la la la

    Adopt. Contain. Euthanize. And for 2019, let us put an end to the misguided and ineffective practice of TNR.

  14. FYI:

    1) Western Governors Association is NOT a regulatory Dept.

    2) Hawaii absolutely DOES NOT officially list Felis Catus as an invasive species

    3) TNVR is non lethal method of controlling the population of outdoor stray, abandoned and feral cats. It is not a wildlife conservation program. And as such it is absolutely effective at stabilizing / reducing the overall population of outdoor cats. If you have issue with wildlife conservation please visit the NYS DEC website. Btw you will also not find cats listed as an invasive species there either and as a matter of FACT, cats are not listed as a cause of destruction for any special concern, threatened or extinct animal species. Tra la la la la la la.

      • Incorrect. ISSG is worldwide and includes the United States, among over 40 other countries.

        The Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG) is a global network of scientific and policy experts on invasive species, organized under the auspices of the Species Survival Commission (SSC) of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

        The ISSG was established in 1994. It currently has 196 core members from over 40 countries and a wide informal global network of over 2000 conservation practitioners and experts who contribute to its work.


  15. “The Invasive Species Compendium (ISC) is an encyclopedic resource that brings together a wide range of different types of science-based information to support decision-making in invasive species management worldwide. The US Department of Agriculture is a lead partner with CABI in the development of this Compendium which has been resourced by a diverse international Consortium of government departments, non-governmental organizations and private companies”

    Here is their listing on cats.


  16. Cats have not caused the extinction of any bird species, only humans have done that. The diseases these commenters site are rare. Far more diseases being spread by the rodents that these cats keep in check. Cats do not join established colonies, they will be driven off by the existing members. Project Cat trolls spreading more lies. TNR is working in many states and countries. People who dump cats that are caught should be fined and prosecuted. People are always the problem not the cats.

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