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Mayor Newhard: Remembering Charles Papaceno, Sr. 1926-2018 — 5 Comments

  1. How wonderfully put and a great sense of observation by the mayor in growing up in Warwick! I was so glad he was part of Warwick 150 and rode in the parade with his good friend Jack Pennings.Charlie had many friends and loved Warwick and always had a nice thing to say to people and never missed his chance to chat and say hello. We at Village Cove benefited from his knowledge of the community as he was on the board. A vase of roses sits at the funeral home near his casket sent from the Village Cove residents. I would say he deserved roses and he will be remembered for making Warwick the community it is as the mayor so nicely put. Rest in peace our dear friend!

  2. Charlie was my “cousin-in-law”. My mom and dad spent many fun times with Charlie and Janet.He was a fun guy. Rest in Peace

  3. This was such a rendering commentary…..Mr. Papaceno was, indeed, a pillar of the community…and one face that you could count on to be present at every community function and a supporter of all that is right and good in the world of Warwick.
    My Dad was a Charles Papaceno fan….and rightfully so. They were of the same vintage….and held the same beliefs about family, friends, the USA, and Warwick.
    The streets will be a little dimmer tonight in Warwick….as one of the premiere lamplighters has gone on to bigger and better responsibilities…..God bless and God speed…+

    Well done Michael…well done…

  4. What a beautiful tribute to my uncle Charlie Papaceno. He certainly was a role model and a great example to his family. Though he worked very hard at a job that he enjoyed, and was involved in his community and church the most important thing to him was family. He was a great husband and father as was evidenced by how his children, Pam, Arthur and Charlie’s, rose up to take care of him when he became ill. He was a great brother and uncle to his family making sure he was there when needed. So, God bless you, Uncle Charlie. You have earned your wings and am sure the God embraced you when you returned home to him. ❤️

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