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Residents Object to Bee Keeping Operation in Homestead Village — 3 Comments

  1. According to the LEGALLY BINDING Perspectus homeowners were given when purchasing at HV it is clearly stated that there is NO BUSINESS ALLOWED out of any condo. I will be happy to provide that to Village authorities if that is what gets this business to close down. Unless of course the Village already has a copy on file. Isn’t that required? Mine dates back to 1985 when I purchased my unit.

  2. We could easily solve this issue by SPRAYING to kill the bees, a service already in place in the complex. Private homeowners can do the same by contacting a company like Orkin to spray.

  3. After being stung by our Warwick village neighbor’s honey bees I began to research if the village of Warwick has enacted a regulating ordinance for bee keeping relative to set back requirements from neighboring residences. The homestead village complaint article ends with the village board statement of a possibility of adopting one. Every spring the neighbors bees go into protective mode because they are starved for nectar. Perhaps it’s time the board steps up and issues publicly what they have or haven’t done in this regard.

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