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Senior Citizens Invited to Free Valentine’s Dance — 1 Comment

  1. I wish I wasn’t living in Portland (the one on the other side of the country) or I would be there!
    Because, here’s a touch of history for you:

    When the WVHS class of 1964 was in 7th grade at the brand new Jr.-Sr. high school (Sanfordville Rd.) we were given dance lessons and later the school arranged for us to have dances on Friday nights in the Park Avenue gym! We did the jitterbug, the stroll, the waltz, the box step, and as new songs with their own dances came out we would get together to learn them! The girls loved the next to the last dance of the evening (as I recall-but it may have been earlier) as it would be SADIE HAWKINS (girls choose their partner)! Well maybe not all the girls…Sandy Osborn probably didn’t notice if it was a Sadie Hawkins or not because she and Mark Kurtz were already an item…and to this day our class sweethearts are still sweethearts!!!

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