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The Great Greenwood Lake Goose Debate — 4 Comments

  1. This is so stupid. The geese do contribute to the pollution of the lake in addition to septics, boats and of course Belchers Creek. Look at the next article about the muck in Jersey that is like quicksand. Why is there no public outrage about that??? I’m a lifelong animal lover but come on. Our health, property values and future of the lake are at stake here. The commission does everything it can but only gets headaches and push back in return.

    • As a waterfowl community liaison who helps communities with this issue, I can tell you that the truth is, this is a situation that simply has not been dealt with with any knowledge. HOA’s and community boards are notorious for having no one in their ranks with any animal expertise. A lake is a natural home for waterfowl; they are symbiotic with their environment and frankly, to expect to consistently kill wildlife that lives in its natural environment is not rational. There are intelligent ways to limit and maintain waterfowl populations and plenty of other communities have been taught to do this. Most of those communities wasted a lot of taxpayer money killing waterfowl and pitting neighbor against neighbor until they saw what a losing proposition this was and the only enrichment occuring was that of the USDA’s Wildlife Services killing division. That is wonderful job security for them; however, a month after killing off waterfowl, an almost equal number of NEW waterfowl comes to take its place. You don’t need a business degree to recognize that that is a exceedingly poor ROI.

      There are only 2 things required to effectively and successfully stabilize this situation – an educated public who understands that tolerance and respect for integrating nature is essential, AND an intelligent program using SEVERAL control methodologies (because only one will not work).

      There is NO-ZERO-NADA health issue from geese. None whatsoever. Humankind would have died out eons ago were that true. Property values dependent on geese? Preposterous. Nothing is more depressing than a lake with no wildlife on it, and a public learning that your community constantly kills geese is more likely to offend people and deter them from wanting to live with people who would do such a thing. As for the future of the lake, what is REALLY endangering your lake is the entitlement mindset of people who think the only things that belong on it are jetskis and boats.

      No one can call him/herself an “animal lover” who has such disregard for wildlife as to think killing it is the only solution.

    • How cold and sad your comment is. we humans are taking over Nature, grabbing every bit of land that originally belonged to the geese, the Native Americans and other animals. You have no right to be outraged. Why not open your heart and try to find a solution that works for everyone!! Killing those who you feel are in your way will only ruin everything for you and everyone else.

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