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Warwick Police Seize Heroin & Make Arrests — 5 Comments

  1. At least they had the sense not to shoot up behind the wheel like other recent morons. I guess with the Middletown FD drug dealers busted the junkies have to drive to Paterson. Very complicated problem, no doubt, and I empathize with (some) addicts but clearly it’s time to step up enforcement and penalties.

    • I know the women, they are actually very nice people, and were brought up right, and going through a rough patch. There is NO need to call them junkies, or ANYONE whom has a problem a junkie. How would you feel if it was a family member of yours? Think of that before you go name calling, and putting people down.

  2. Chief McGovern, Lt’s Maslanka and Rader are just the best in keeping the officers up to date and on their toes to be aware of suspicious activities. Great job !

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