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White & Red Line Painted on Railroad Ave. — 15 Comments

    • Bombard that mayors office !!!!! This has nothing to do with race gender or anything. It has to do with supporting people who are being out right murdered across the country every day and make people realize that we need the police. I bet if it was a veterans greenline or yellow bows to support troops overseas he would have no issue. This mayor is nothing but a coward !!!!!!!

  1. As diplomatic a decision he could have made given the climate. There was never going to be an easy answer. I hope we can all come together in mutual respect and support of one another and our police families who feel slighted by the change.

  2. Lmao !!!!!! Every race and gender ???? What’s does supporting your police have to do with segregation of race and gender !!!! Pathetic liberal scumbags in that town !!!!!!!!

  3. I am very upset and disgusted that this “issue” has come this far. The LGBT folks are allowed to have a parade AND post “SAFE SPACE” stickers in local stores/restaurants. I don’t have any issue with either, but as long as the mayor approves of these things, he should also allow the blue line. This has turned into a civil rights war! We respect that others want to celebrate their uniqueness. Why can’t you respect that we are mourning slain officers both locally and nationally?

  4. I don’t feel sorry for the Mayor. He took this job and should have expected there would be some tough decisions to make. If he doesn’t have the backbone to stand up for what is right but instead feels he has to cave in to some nut radical liberals, then he should quit!!!!!!!!!

  5. A thoughtful solution to a provocative line that should never have been drawn. I support and respect our local police in accordance with my personal interactions with them living here, but no one should be asked to pledge unconditional support of law enforcement given what’s been happening across our nation.

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