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      The Police Departments of the Village of Greenwood Lake, the Town of Warwick and the Village of Florida are now participating in the Hope Not Handcuffs program.  They are excited to be able to offer this resource to the community and open their front door as a first step in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

      Anyone seeking help in the fight of drug or alcohol addiction may come to any of these locations and ask for the Hope Not Handcuffs program.  They will be treated with compassion and respect.

      A call will be made to an “Angel” volunteer from the Hope Not Handcuffs team who will come and actively seek out a treatment plan.  Individuals suffering from addiction will instantly gain an advocate and a network of resources designed to lead them to success.   Hope Not Handcuffs is a proactive approach to reach out to people struggling with drug addiction to encourage them to seek recovery and regain control of their lives.

      Hope Not Handcuffs – Hudson Valley (HNH-HV) started in Orange County in January of 2019. HNH-HV is pleased to have the support of community organizations such as the Greenwood Lake Coalition and The Warwick Prevention Coalition.

      For more information, visit www.tricountycommunitypartnership.org.

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