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Artificial Turf is Costly, Unsafe

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     We would like to ask why the Warwick Valley Central School District is planning on changing some of the district’s natural grass athletic fields to artificial turf? As farmers in this valley, we always want green and natural and not artificial. We have attended baseball games for our grandchildren where they played on artificial turf.

     There might be some advantages to artificial turf, but we find these fields to be hot, smelly and hard on the players’ skin, causing nasty abrasions. The artificial fields have not had enough research to discount the harm the toxic chemicals can have on our community. These fields also need to have constant maintenance and are not the one-time cost that many are touting them to be. Don’t be fooled by the claim of no cost to taxpayers. We have been taxed for these plans over the years and they are now putting these reserved monies into use.

     Why not use these local funds for real green instead of fake green? We recommend you vote no on Wed., Dec. 18.


letter to the editor

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