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Friendly Visitor Program has Increase in Volunteers

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Story by Lourice Angie

     Friendly Visitor Program Chairman, Vince Copello, reported at the Town of Warwick Board meeting on Thurs., Nov. 21 that for the last ten months of the year, in comparison to last year, the program saw a 36.6% increase in the number of volunteer services provided. The total number of volunteer hours saw an increase of 32.3%. The current number of volunteers in the program has increased by 13%, and the number of neighbors has increased by 24%.

     “It’s because we have a real, good active board and good coordinator in the program, that’s why this program has taken off this year,” said Copello.

     “Thank you for coordinating all of that. I‘ve been noticing posters and information on it all around the town, and that’s a good thing. We’re getting the word out, and I think it’s a valuable service to help seniors remain in their home,” said Town Supervisor Michael Sweeton.

CPF Receipts

     During the meeting Supervisor Sweeton announced that community preservation receipts for the month of October were $88,679.51 which brings the total fund balance to $3,410,024.64.

     “Again, we’re still working on closing the Newport Bloom Farm on Blooms Corner Rd. by the end of December, and the Siegel Farm on Prices Switch Rd. by the beginning of next year,” said Sweeton.

Police Report

     Councilman Floyd DeAngelo reported that the Warwick Police Department handled a total of 1,738 calls for the month of October.

Holiday Observances

     The Warwick Town Hall will be closed on Fri., Nov. 29, as part of the Thanksgiving observance. The Town’s recycling hauler, County Waste, will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, Thurs., Nov 28. Thursday’s recycling will be picked up on Fri., Nov. 29.

Town Snow & Parking Regulations

     Supervisor Sweeton reminds residents of the Town’s snow regulations that are in effect through Wed., Apr. 1. The parking of vehicles is prohibited on all highways and other public property of the Town at any time during inclement winter weather. Vehicles in violation of this article will be towed at the owner’s expense. Heeding of this regulation is especially critical for the safety in some of the more densely populated areas like Wickham Village, Kings Estates/Sugar Hills and in many of the town hamlets. The Town Board would also like to remind property owners that any person who throws, shovels, plows or places snow or ice onto a public street, highway or right-of-way will be guilty of a violation and subject to a fine not to exceed $250.

Warwick Town Hall Holiday
A Christmas tree is displayed at the Warwick Town Hall throughout the holiday season. Photo credit: Warwick Valley Dispatch/Lourice Angie

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