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School Improvements are Necessary

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     I’m writing to urge my fellow citizens of Warwick to get out and vote for the capital improvement project on Wed., Dec. 18. The upgrades to Park Avenue Elementary, Sanfordville Elementary, and the High School are necessary, long overdue and vital to the long-term growth of the school district.

     The great part about this is that the only thing it will cost the people of Warwick is a few minutes out of their time to go and vote. I believe this is a very small price to pay to ensure that the places where our children spend most of their time (outside of home) during the year are modernized and upgraded to meet their long-term needs. There will be no increase to our tax levy whatsoever.

     I cannot imagine why anyone would ever vote no to these improvements, particularly since it will be funded by the state and the capital reserve funds, but I’m not naive.  I understand that people may only see this plan as a way for Warwick to get two turf athletic fields, but that’s just a part of the total plan.

     From things I have heard and read there seems to be some concerns about safety regarding turf fields. Personally, I do not know enough about the turf fields at this moment to give my honest opinion one way or the other. But the vote isn’t until Wed., Dec. 18, which gives me ample time to research all of the pros and cons of installing and maintaining turf fields. One thing I am certain of is that the Warwick Board of Education has far more information on the subject than I do and they voted 9-0 in favor of the capital improvement plan.

     I think it’s incredibly important for everyone to formulate their own opinions and not make up their minds based simply on things they’ve been told by others or comments they’ve read on Facebook. It might seem hard to believe at times but the Internet can be used for some good.

     And lastly, it’s vital we vote now because if this does not pass the next opportunity to vote on these items won’t be for another five plus years. That means it will cost more in the future, because there will be another five plus years of wear and tear that will need to be accounted for.

     This plan impacts nearly all of the students in the district in some way, it’s not just about the athletes. So please take the time to think about how your vote will impact the lives of other people’s children in Warwick, not just your own.


5 thoughts on “School Improvements are Necessary

  1. Pursuant to 511 IAC 6.2-3-5(a), a school improvement plan must be submitted to the Department. Therefore, all schools that are required to have a school improvement plan must submit it to the Department.

  2. Under ESSA, most decisions about school improvement are left up to the states and districts. But the law requires certain types of schools to take action if they are identified as needing improvement.

  3. The success of the school improvement process depends on the will and capacity of the people in the schools and districts who do the hard work of school improvement, as well as the support of their communities. But states have several levers for supporting or encouraging schools and districts to engage in a coherent process that improves achievement for all groups of students.

  4. To what extent does the school offer opportunities for staff to build the skills and knowledge needed to support students with disabilities or English learners?

  5. The Village is Tree City USA. Warwick schools are Green Ribbon Schools. Warwick is PDR and Sustainable Warwick. What will we be if we approve two artificial turf fields…..Environmentally Confused?

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