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Mary Collura Will Be Successful As Village Trustee

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      I had the distinct pleasure of working with Mary Collura for over a year on the Sesquicentennial celebrations and events for Warwick’s 150th Anniversary. I say, with much certainty, that Mary would bring a wealth of balanced, educated and fair decision making, an amazing creative skill set, plus her love of the Village of Warwick to the Village Board of Trustees. Mary’s ability to listen, exhibit fair judgment and work with a team is unparalleled. She was also Mayor Newhard’s right hand throughout the entire year of event planning and implementation, and all were an enormous success, so much so that the residents wanted those events repeated annually!

      The Mayor of the Village of Monroe also worked with Mary for their 125th Anniversary of their Village and raved about her abilities, talent and what a great pleasure it was to work with her and the great success of all the events.

      I would encourage all the Warwick Village Residents to cast their vote for the finest person for this position, and that would be Mary Collura.


letter to the editor

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