Brabenec Rallies to Stop New Bail Laws

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     Assistant Minority Whip Karl Brabenec joined hundreds of law enforcement officers, district attorneys from around the state and fellow lawmakers from the Senate and Assembly at a rally in the Capitol to call for the repeal of new bail laws.

     Just last week, a man charged with multiple violent felonies and released under the new bail laws violated an order of protection and returned to his victim’s home and assaulted her, before stealing her phone and fleeing the scene, according to Brabenec’s office.

     “The past 35 days have been a nightmare for the people of New York, and we need to repeal these laws immediately before any more harm is done,” Brabenec said.

     “I introduced legislation three months ago to repeal bail reform because I knew this would be a disaster and now our darkest fears have been confirmed. Please call Speaker Heastie, Senate Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins and Gov. Cuomo and tell them to bring our repeal bill to the floor for a vote immediately,” said Brabenec.

     Brabenec’s legislation to repeal bail reform has over 40 sponsors. To sign the petition, visit at Individuals can also call Gov. Cuomo at 518-474-8390, Senate Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins at 518-455-2585, and Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie at 518-455-3791.

Assemblyman Karl Brabenec

1 thought on “Brabenec Rallies to Stop New Bail Laws

  1. I totally disagree with the new bail laws. Not since the 70’s has this great state been so mishandled. Finally someone in the government!! Enough with putting peoples names on bridges and get back to responding to what the hard working people need!!

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