Mayor Newhard: A Time to Plan

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      We are creatures of habit and schedules. Time is parsed in blocks of activities that encompass our daily routines. February brings the joyful climb to longer days, more light, and we see that as we go through our normal day suddenly, we find it’s a little lighter, a bit brighter, and that winter is retreating.

     This is the time of planning and preparation. In Village Government, we begin our budget process which determines our activities throughout the year – paving, park projects, internal improvements, etc. Already, the calendar ahead is filling up as organizations plan events. If you’re a gardener or grower, you’re preparing your growing season, your planting plan, every discipline, and business are making decisions for the months ahead, we plan our schedules and the activities preparing for warmth, sunlight, longer days.

      One of the activities on the horizon that I’m excited about is the rewriting of our Comprehensive Master Plan that will begin this Spring under the guidance of Planner, Peter Fairweather. A Comprehensive Plan is a document that indicates the vision and focus of a community. A committee will be formed of representatives from organizations and Boards who, over a period of six months, with much public outreach and input, will generate a renewed vision plan for the Village.

      There is still some Winter ahead, but our days are full of activities and the weeks will go by fast. The coming year holds promise and with activities such as the Comprehensive Plan, I hope a vision for greater things to come.

The above column, written by Village of Warwick Mayor Michael Newhard, has been published in the Feb. 19 issue of the Warwick Valley Dispatch.

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