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A Scavenger Hunt of Hope

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      Children all over are uniting, in a social distancing responsible way, to spread a little positivity during uncertain times. Here in the Warwick Valley area you can go for a walk or drive and look for handmade rainbows in home windows.

      It’s a scavenger hunt of hope. You can see children playing in their driveways, chalking upbeat messages at the end such as “after every storm comes a rainbow,” written by Carly Freet, a fifth grader. On Creamery Pond Rd. and Fox Hill in Sugarloaf you can spot over two dozen rainbows and over a dozen driveway messages of promise alone.

      While children are playing independently, they are finding a common way to be together in these new times. Adults should not only be proud, but also take a lesson from the youth in our community – “be kind to everyone and everything,” wrote Kodey Bossio, a second grader.

      The weeks ahead will continue to be tumultuous for everyone, especially children who thrive on routine and a sense of community. Positive messages like rainbow windows and chalked walks, no matter how big or small, bring a smile and offer a sense of ‘we are all in this together.’

      We are all in this together, and will come out on the other end stronger because of it. Until then, children and adults alike are encouraged to unite and keep up the positivity in the creative ways they already are.


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